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                                    "The nucleus of a prosperous relationship depends upon how you make a person feel."


Success with Etiquette™ Business Etiquette Training

Administrative Support Associates specializes in business etiquette training, professional image, and workplace communication for corporations, government agencies, professional associations, colleges and universities, small businesses, and individuals. We work with our clients to help them gain a competitive edge by strengthening their professionalism, corporate image, communication skills, and productivity for increased profits.  We facilitate on-site trainings through seminars, workshops, keynotes, and personal coaching services. Our office is located in Washington, DC. 

After years of interviewing job candidates and observing employees who lacked good manners and business etiquette skills, Shawn created the Success with Etiquette™ Training Program to help your employees enhance their business and social skills to project a poised, polished, and professional image to create a positive first impression and exceed your customer expectations!

Success with Etiquette™ teaches valuable strategies to help your employees understand the principles of proper etiquette and how dress, body language, communication and social skills can enhance or undermine your corporate image, workplace success, business growth, and reputation with clients and customers.  Practicing good manners should be a way of life and business etiquette can be one of your most valuable assets that differentiate you from the competition.

LISTEN to the Success with Etiquette™ Book of Etiquette 

The Success with Etiquette™ Book of Etiquette offers essential and practical guidelines that will immediately improve your professionalism, corporate image, communication skills, and business savvy to create a positive first impression! You will learn proven methods for making business etiquette profitable and gain essential tools to polish your professional presence and social skills. Businesses will learn best practices to enhance customer experiences and ensure efficient operations.

Success with Etiquette™ Book of Etiquette also includes Etiquette Quiz, Articles, & Delightful Dining Tips! $19.95 

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Success with Etiquette™ Book of Etiquette E-Book also includes Etiquette Quiz, Articles, & Delightful Dining Tips! $14.95

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Global Etiquette & Customer Service

Your global image should represent a universal standard of professionalism and good manners that does not waiver. Negative first impressions and bad manners are deal breakers. The cultivation of professionalism is an integral part of your business development that enables you to build effective relationships to gain access to opportunities.

Success with Etiquette™ gives your employees the tools they need to polish your interpersonal “soft” skills to become socially at ease and adept in diverse business and social settings. The program benefits all professional levels and will enable your business to implement uniform standards of excellence to reinforce your corporate values to supervisors, managers, executives, and front-line employees with regard to appearance, attitude, speech, conflict resolution, and delivering superior customer service to create a positive first impression.

The Success with Etiquette™ Training Program is highly interactive, educational, and entertaining. Trainings are customized to your specific needs and we offer you the flexibility to add or highlight topics related to your particular situation. Materials covered benefit all industry sectors and professional levels - basic, intermediate, advanced and executive.

Success with Etiquette™ Training Syllabus:

  • Principles of Business Etiquette
  • Impact of First Impressions
  • Introductions & Handshakes
  • Professional Image & Grooming
  • Dress For Success 
  • Positive Attitude & Demeanor
  • Networking to Build Relationships
  • Teamwork & Conflict Resolve
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Etiquette for Professionals (Attorneys, Physicians, Technical Professionals)
  • Interview & Resume Tips 
  • New-Hire Business Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette 
  • Email Netiquette
  • Gender Neutral Etiquette
  • Business Dining Etiquette
  • The Art of Thank You!

Program Objectives:

  • Master the art of proper etiquette from introductions and courtesy to telephone and email etiquette to gender neutral etiquette and rules of dining.
  • Understand the principles of business etiquette.
  • Recognize the importance of first impressions (appearance, body language & nonverbal communication).
  • Communicate with diplomacy and professionalism face-to-face, over the telephone, or electonically.
  • Improve business development, sales, and marketing by enhancing "soft" skills.
  • Develop techniques to listen actively and ask pertinent questions.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your supervisor and peers.
  • Define professional dress, grooming, and inappropriate dress for the workplace.
  • Comprehend appropriate workplace behavior and rules of privacy and property.
  • Deliver superior customer service to exceed customer expectations.
  • Build teamwork, manage conflicts, and resolve problems with positive solution.
  • Create a respectul and productive workplace that values diversity.
  • Interpret nuances of behavior to improve interpersonal "soft" skills.
  • Develop leadership skills to avoid gossip, unjust criticism, and communication at the peak of anger.
  • Learn how to cultivate relationships and build rapport with people.
  • Create a delightful dining experience with proper table manners!
  • Improve self-awareness and ability to network at ease.

Course Duration: 2.0 Hours, Half Day, or Full Day – Role-playing and Interactive Exercises

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